Scanning electron microscope TESCAN CLARA

Microscope with exceptional imaging capabilities

High resolution

TESCAN CLARA is an ultra-high-resolution FEG SEM providing sub-nanometre performance. It is an ideal microscope for a multipurpose microscopy facility and provides morphological and compositional analysis of various materials at the micro and nanoscale.

TESCAN CLARA optics have been designed specifically for imaging. They offer excellent resolution at low beam energies, and provide exceptional imaging of beam-sensitive and non-conductive samples.

Perfect for complex experiments

TESCAN CLARA’s chamber is purposely designed for microanalysis. It can integrate many analytical detectors and spectrometers, making it suitable for customisable configuration for specific applications and providing flexibility to carry out complex experiments.

Powerful detectors for many applications

Our setup has the latest generation EDS, EBSD and WDS detectors and powerful secondary and in-chamber SE and BSE detectors.

The system can work in low-vacuum mode and can fit a cryo-stage in the future.

Detailed characteristics

  • Schottky field electron emitter
  • Voltage range: 50V to 30kV
  • Probe current range: 2 pA to 400 nA
  • Electron beam resolution: 0.9 nm @ 15 kV and 1.4 nm @ 1kV (1.2nm at 1kV with Beam deceleration Mode)
  • Large vacuum chamber (width: 340 mm, Depth: 315 mm) with 20+ ports
  • In-column and In-chamber secondary electron (SE) and back-scattered electron (BSE) detectors
  • Low vacuum mode for imaging non-conductive samples
  • In chamber plasma cleaner
  • In chamber infrared camera
  • In chamber Optical Navigation and Correlation Camera (ONCam) with a CAD style live collision model
  • 5-axes motorised goniometer stage
  • Beam Deceleration Mode: Specimen bias that decelerates the primary beam upon interaction with the sample by up to 5 keV
  • Patented In Flight Beam Tracing™ and Intermediate Lens™ utilities ensuring optimal alignment with an “aperture-free” system.
  • Oxford Instruments Ultim Max EDS SDD with 170 mm2 sensor
  • Oxford Instruments Symmetry S3 EBSD CMOS detector capable of indexing speeds more than 5700 pps at 156 x 128-pixel EBSD pattern resolution
  • Oxford Instruments Wave WDS 500 with six diffraction crystals: TAP, PET, LiF(200), LiF(220), LSM60, and LSM200.

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