Jeol JEM 2100 TEM

Jeol JEM 2100 Transmission electron microscope

Extremely high resolution for nanomaterial characterisation

High resolution TEM with exceptional versatility

JEM 2100 with its LaB6 electron gun offers high performance. This microscope achieves ultrahigh TEM resolution, plus its STEM function provides nanometre-resolution scanning images. JEM 2100 also contains elemental analysis EDS along with mapping functions.

Imaging at high resolution – crystal lattice of materials

JEM 2100 can image variety of nanomaterials, and their crystal lattices. It achieves resolution down to 0.19 nm for atomic-level observations.

Identification of material composition

JEM 2100 is optimised for diffraction studies, as well as elemental analysis and via utilizing STEM, EDS mapping of various elements of choice onto the image.

Diverse research applications

JEM 2100 is used not only in material research, but also in geological investigations, nanoparticle synthesis, as well as biological research.

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