Imaging with Scanning Electron Microscope

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) imaging service

The right tool for your quality control and new discoveries

Scanning electron microscopy allows you to see and explore micro-cracks, defects, and stress in a material. It also allows you to develop your manufacturing procedures so your novel material performs its function.

Or even if you are after a discovery of new visual views on life and materials, SEM images give incredible detail and show new perspectives.

Expertise and instrument diversity for your needs

Our accomplished team, armed with a diverse array of powerful SEMs, stands ready to unravel insights and data encapsulated within your samples.

Whether it’s biological specimens, materials, or geological formations, we’re here to provide comprehensive imaging solutions for you.

Your satisfaction, our priority

Your satisfaction guides every facet of our service. From start to finish, we ensure that all your needs, specifications, and constraints are met.

Your online or physical presence during imaging, guiding us to areas of interest, is not only welcome but encouraged. Before providing you with a quote, we make sure we understand how many images you need, all tailored for you.

How it works

After a thorough consultation to understand your unique needs, we provide you with a customized quote. Upon your approval, your samples embark on the imaging journey. We deliver full-sized images at your desired resolution and follow up with an invoice for the completed service.

Transparent pricing structure

Our pricing structure is straightforward, reflecting the exact time dedicated to imaging your sample. Our hourly rate for imaging is £220 plus VAT. This time span covers the imaging of one or several samples, depending on intricacy, requirements, and sample preparation.

For sample preparation, an additional charge of £45 per hour plus VAT is applicable. This process involves preparing the sample for imaging – mounting onto stub and coating with gold or carbon. Up to six samples can be included in this one-hour procedure.

If your project requires a budget-conscious approach and you do not require super-high resolution, our remote SEM presents an option starting at £90 per hour plus VAT. No prior expertise in SEM imaging is necessary. We prepare and place the sample in the remote SEM for you, and book you a slot, during which you can access the SEM from your home online.

Need your sample imaged with SEM?

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