Remote Scanning Electron Microscope

Accessible and affordable SEM imaging

Your path to discovery without prior knowledge

With our intuitive platform, no prior SEM experience is necessary to operate our SEM from your home or office. Log in using the provided details, effortlessly explore and image your sample. Capture, explore, and save your findings with ease.

How it works

  1. Tell us about your Sample: Share details about your material, inquiries, and whether your sample is conductive or requires coating. If your sample is larger than 10 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm, we can prepare it in-house.
  2. Send Us Your Sample: Conveniently send it through post or drop it off in person if you’re in the proximity of Milton Keynes. We’ll prepare and insert it into our microscope.
  3. Secure a Time Slot: We’ll coordinate a suitable time slot and provide you with login credentials, offering direct access to the microscope. Throughout your session, we’ll maintain contact to ensure your experience is seamless.
  4. Explore and Capture: Once logged in, our user-friendly interface makes SEM imaging effortless. Explore your sample surface, change magnification, and capture images that populate the lower section of the interface. You can choose to use backscatter or secondary electrons to image your samples, but we’ll explain which imaging mode might be better for you if you feel uncertain.

Streamlined web interface

Our website interface ensures ease of use and simplicity.

  • Move fluidly across your sample surface.
  • Modify images using magnification, autofocus, and auto-brightness.
  • Alter imaging modes to explore diverse details – backscatter or secondary electrons
  • Utilize the drawing tool for measuring feature sizes.

Who we are

The Electron Microscopy Suite at the Open University has extended its expertise to industrial partners and academics from diverse institutions over numerous years. Our expertise spans a wide spectrum, encompassing materials, biological samples, and nanoparticles.

Secure Your Imaging Slot

Starting at just £45 for 30 minutes, your journey into SEM imaging begins here.