​Cameca SX100 Microprobe (EMPA)

Electron microprobe Cameca SX100

An exceptional micro-analytical tool

Analytical tool for many different materials

Cameca SX100 electron microprobe is a powerful instrument designed for non-destructive quantitative chemical analysis and imaging of earth materials, meteorites, bones, metals and alloys, ceramics, glasses, concrete, as well as other artificial substances.

Quantitative analytical tool

Our microprobe can perform WDS and EDS and measure concentrations of most elements at ppm concentration and above. The holders can accommodate four thin sections or six 1-inch mounts for optimal analysis.

It allows you to analyse chemical composition of micron-sized volumes of a material, and map the concentration of the desired elements across an area of interest.

The microprobe can measure most elements of the periodic table (from Boron to Uranium) with detection limits up to ppm concentrations, making it an exceptional micro-analytical tool.

Microprobe case study

Rock backscatter and elemental analysis

These images show a chemical reaction in a rock, consuming the mineral garnet and forming the minerals orthopyroxene + plagioclase + magnetite. The top left image is a microprobe backscatter electron image, where the different minerals can be identified by the different grey tones. The other images are microprobe X-ray elemental maps, coloured according to the concentration of the elements Si, Ca and Fe in the different minerals.

Point analysis example

Example of fully-quantitative point analyses of the mineral plagioclase, measured with the microprobe