Electron microscopy services

Electron microscopy Services

Analysing your samples with our expertise in biology, materials, geology and anything in between

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Professional service to suit your needs

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State-of-the-art equipment with dedicated staff.

Clear communication throughout the process

Access to in-house academic expertise to help find solutions or explanation of unexpected observation.

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SEM Imaging

For surface analysis of patterns, deformations and particle shape and sizes

SEM EDS/EDX elemental analysis

Find out what elements are present in your material.

FIB-SEM cross-sections

Find out thickness of layer of material.

Remote SEM

Use our remote SEM from your office or home, no prior experience of SEM is needed

Sample preparation of biologicals

Fixation, dehydration, embedding and sectioning, sample prep for TEM or SEM

Sample preparation of materials

From plain coating with gold, carbon or other, to polishing, cutting ad grinding

TEM imaging

Find out size and shape of your sample, along with crystal lattice or morphological details

Elemental analysis TEM EDS/EDX

Find out what elements are present in your nanomaterial

Negative staining TEM

Let us to prepare your exosomes, liposomes, viruses, virus-like particles and more to find out their size, morphology and shape

Nanoparticle size analysis TEM

If you need to know size shape and distribution of your nanoparticles in a sample

Serial sections and 3D reconstructions

Our expertise in 3D TEM reconstructions is useful for any project needing to understand cell or tissue structure in 3 dimensions

Use of our instruments

If you need an independent use of TEM, SEM or our sample prep facilities


If you need a thin section of 50nm to 500 microns, we can section metal foams as well as biological tissue

Need something else?

If you have needs other than the above, let us know, we may still be able to help

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