Microsectioning service

Get nanometer-thin sections

At our microsectioning (or microtoming) facility, we offer a comprehensive service dedicated to creating precise sections from a diverse range of materials. Our commitment is to deliver impeccable results for your specific needs.

Versatile material sectioning

Our microsectioning service specializes in the sectioning of challenging and robust samples, including polymers, fabrics, and similar materials. For softer substances, we offer sectioning after embedding them in resin.

Customizable section thickness

The thickness of the sections we provide can be tailored to your requirements, ranging from 50 nanometers to approximately 2 microns. Whether your sample is hard or soft, we accommodate your needs accordingly. For solid samples, they are cut as they are, while for softer samples, embedding in resin is a prelude to the sectioning process. Your desired thickness can be specified, and our capabilities encompass sectioning from 50 nm to around 2 microns, depending on the sample’s characteristics.

Uncompromising section quality

We understand the paramount importance of section quality. As part of our commitment to excellence, we can provide you with pilot sections for assessment, guaranteeing your satisfaction before proceeding with the entire sectioning process for your samples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cost of Microsectioning

The cost of microsectioning is subject to the nature of the sample. For samples that can be directly cut without any preparations, the cost is significantly reduced to approximately £60 per sample. In cases where resin embedding is required, such as for five samples, the cost may be around £120 per sample. Embedding is performed in batches, potentially leading to lower per-sample costs for larger quantities.

Sectioning Timeframe

For hard samples that do not necessitate embedding, we strive to complete the cutting and dispatch of sectioned samples within 48 hours. If time is a concern, please inform us, and we will accommodate your needs accordingly.

Sample Quantity

Generally, we can section up to 10 samples simultaneously. If your requirements exceed this number, we can arrange to send them to you in manageable batches to suit your preferences.

Section Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We employ glass or diamond knives to ensure uniform thickness and exceptional section quality. Pilot sections will be provided for your assessment, and we will proceed with sectioning the entire batch of your samples only once you are satisfied with the quality demonstrated by the pilot sections.

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