Advanced operation of a high-resolution TEM course

In this 1- or 2-day course, you will learn advanced TEM techniques such as EDS (elemental analysis), STEM (scanning TEM), dark-field imaging, high-resolution TEM and diffraction. We will be using our TEM JEOL 2100 for this course.

The prerequisite for these course modules is a good working knowledge of basic operation of TEM.

We may use variety of material samples for this course, such as nanoparticles or metal foils. If you have a preference to a type of material you wish to learn on, let us know. If you would like to try more types of samples we may be able to accommodate that or discuss the differences in data acquisition with you.

The course contains a short overview of the techniques, such as EDS (EDX or EDAX), dark-field imaging, diffraction, high-resolution TEM and scanning TEM (STEM). We then demonstrate step-by-step how to set these techniques up and you then have a chance to practice each step before we move on to another technique. Then, you will receive an exercise to use your new knowledge in practice.

A certificate of attendance will be provided upon completion of the course.

The course is scheduled with one lunch break and 2 coffee breaks, therefore the total time including the breaks will be 8 h 20 min each day.

Day 1 of advanced course – dark field imaging, high-resolution TEM, selected area diffraction, elemental analysis with EDS

Practice elemental analysis with TEM EDAX.
Overview of the advanced TEM techniques, their application and limitations.
Practice of high-resolution TEM.
Practice of dark-field imaging.
High-resolution TEM.
Practice high-resolution TEM.
Selected area diffraction.
Practice of selected area diffraction.
Elemental analysis with TEM EDAX.
Practice high-resolution TEM.

Day 2 of advanced course – scanning TEM, EDS mapping

Overview of the techniques, their application and limitations.
Setting up scanning TEM mode.
EDS mapping.
Supervised practice of scanning TEM and EDS mapping.

If only certain techniques interest you, please discuss your requirements with us.

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