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Learn electron microscopy

Whether you have no background or need to upgrade your skills, we have you covered

Become proficient

Learn Hands-on

Our training is fully hands-on. We demonstrate to you first and then you follow and repeat until you are proficient.

Become proficient

Individual or small groups of your colleagues

In this way, you get the benefit to get the most of your learning experience and learn exactly what you need.

We don’t compile group courses, only groups from your own organization, if it needs to train several of its employees at the same time.

Fully tailored to your needs

We discuss with you, over the phone or email what your needs are exactly, what kind of samples you wish to train on.

The training is fully tailored to your needs, whether you wish to become proficient in using electron microscopes, use advanced imaging techniques, learn to prepare thin sections for TEM or prepare samples in the lab for TEM or SEM.

Range of instruments to mimic what you need to train on

We try our best to mimic the conditions you are going to face after you have been trained with us, to give you as many skills for success with electron microscopes.

When are the courses happening?

Anytime that suits you!

You let us know when it’s suitable and based on our availability, we’ll fit you in as soon as we can

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