Basics of operating a high-resolution TEM course

Learn hands-on how to operate high-resolution TEM

Learn to image crystal lattices in just 1 day

Learn the essentials of sample exchange, precise alignment and high resolution TEM imaging using JEOL JEM 2100.

Fully hands-on and individually designed course

Our course is tailored fully to your needs, and is individually designed. On the course, we’ll guide you through every step of operating the JEOL 2100. Hands-on practice will make you confident in your abilities, and you’ll receive exercises or use several of your own samples to solidify your newly acquired skills.

When is the course happening?

Whenever suits you! As the course is individually designed and run, it is just you and us training you. We’ll therefore find out when it best suits you to come and learn how to operate a high resolution TEM.

Designed for technical staff and researchers

Designed to empower current and potential technical staff and researchers alike, our course delves into the foundations of TEM operation. Whether you’re new to electron microscopy or seeking to expand your skills, this course has something valuable to offer.

Course activities

A suggestion of activities you may learn – these are fully tailored to your needs, so they will be perfectly suited to what you need to learn.

Sample loading. TEM sample holder maintenance.
Description of the design & function of a transmission electron microscope (TEM).
Alignment of TEM.
TEM imaging – digital TEM camera (Gatan Orius SC1000 CCD TEM camera) and software operation.
Supervised practice of inserting a sample, aligning, taking TEM images.
There will be given an exercise.
Setting up a new filament.
Supervised practice of setting up a new filament.
Changing a filament – demonstration on JEM 1010 TEM.

Ready to learn high resolution TEM?

Despite the instrument’s advanced nature, no prior TEM knowledge is required. Our course is tailored to make learning accessible and engaging, ensuring a smooth journey regardless of your background.

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