High contrast for biological and nanomaterial specimens

High contrast images

The JEM-1400 is a high performance, high contrast, 120kV TEM with excellent imaging capabilities. It is optimized to achieve high contrast for soft matter specimens and is suitable for applications in biological, polymer and material sciences.

Perfect for biologicals

TEM is the perfect imaging solution to provide you with detailed information on cellular morphology and structure of not only cells and tissues, but also viruses, phage, bacteria and exosomes.

Nanomaterials imaging

With TEM, we can image nanoparticles, nano-sheets, quantum dots and many other types od nanomaterials for their shape and size.

3D reconstructions

TEM doesn’t have to be limited to a flat 2D space. We can serially section and image the depth of a region of interest and reconstruct it in 3 dimensions.

Like this cross section on the picture of blood vessel showing endothelial cells (green), pericytes (yellow) and basal membrane (red).

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