Particle size analysis service

Find out the precise size of your particles or nanoparticles

Utilizing SEM and TEM

Have your nanoparticle size analysed, down to particle sizes as small as 1 nm. Leveraging Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) techniques, our Particle Size Analysis Service caters to the discerning needs of researchers and business owners.

The process and quality assurance

We take 3 to 10 images per sample, each from a distinct region on the sample, to ensure objective analysis of particle size of your sample.

Ensuring data quality is our priority. As we are acquiring images, we assess the quality of your sample, and let you know if there is any problem. We cannot proceed particle size analysis if your particles are in several distinctive size categories, mixed together, as we have to take images at a certain magnification, which excludes certain size categories and gives incorrect representation. You may need to separate your sample into different size categories. This information may also feed into your quality control to improve your manufacturing process.

Comprehensive report of size analysis

Upon completion of analysis, you receive a comprehensive report detailing the particle size distribution and descriptive statistics. Equipped with a histogram and an Excel sheet featuring all data points, you’ll gain a profound understanding of your samples. You also receive all original images used for data analysis.

Your sample – powder or solution?

In the case of TEM analysis, nanoparticles in solution are required. Solutions can be solvents or water. In instances where stability is a concern, we can dissolve your sample in-house.

For SEM analysis, dry powder or solution are both accepted. We affix particles onto SEM stubs, and potentially coat them for conductivity.

Cost-effective with swift turnaround

We offer competitive pricing, starting at £300/sample imaged and analysed.

Expect results within 3 days once sample preparation is deemed sufficient. Our commitment to rapid, precise reporting ensures you stay ahead in your research endeavours.

We accommodate numerous particle samples, with 10 being our reporting limit within 3 days. Should you require faster analysis, tailored solutions are available.

Do you need a nanoparticle size analysis?

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