TEM imaging

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) service

From biologicals to materials

Gain insights into the microstructure of cells, tissues, rocks, and materials through our Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) service. Tailored for scientists, researchers, and businesses.

Customized solution to your samples

Our TEM imaging service is entirely tailored to your specific needs. Before analysis, we engage in comprehensive discussions to comprehend your objectives fully. By establishing a clear understanding, we ensure that every aspect of our analysis aligns with your goals.

You can choose to participate in the imaging process by joining us online. This empowers you to guide our imaging efforts, ensuring that we capture the precise structures with magnifications you require.

Quality and efficiency

At the core of our service lies an unwavering commitment to quality and speed. We understand the urgency of your research and guarantee the timely delivery of results without compromising on the accuracy of analysis.

Not limited to only 2D imaging

While TEM is inherently a two-dimensional technique, your research might demand more. In scenarios where 2D imaging falls short, our 3D reconstruction capabilities come to the forefront. This advanced technique offers insights into volume and the intricate shapes of regions of interest. For those seeking true 3D insights, explore our Serial Sections 3D Reconstruction service for more details.

What is the cost?

The cost of our service varies based on the scope of analysis you require. As a reference, TEM imaging of 3 samples, with about 10 images per sample starts at £230.00 plus VAT.

Should you opt for our sample preparation service, an additional cost applies.

Interested in our TEM imaging service?

Our commitment to excellence knows no borders. We readily welcome samples from beyond the UK.