• The instrument comprises a gallium ion beam mounted at 52˚ to the path of a conventional tungsten filament scanning electron microscope.
  • The instrument is equipped with secondary and backscatter electron detectors, STEM detector and an Oxford Instruments INCA energy dispersive X-ray detector.
  • As well as operating in standard high vacuum mode, the microscope can also operate in low vacuum mode for uncoated imaging of insulating samples and in ESEM mode for volatile-rich materials.
  • The dual beams allows samples to be machined using the ion beam – permitting 3 dimension imaging of samples with either the ion or electron beams and the appropriate detectors.
  • The ion beam can also be used to prepare electron transparent sections of specific locations in a sample for transmission electron microscopy.  Such tiny and fragile samples are extracted using an Ascend Instruments Xtreme Access sample extraction tool fitted to the instrument.